Trusted Radiator Service in Riverside, CA

Trusted Radiator Service in Riverside, CA

Overheated engines can lead to numerous problems, including eventual breakdowns. The radiator sits at the front of the engine bay; it’s made up of slim, hollow channels that run between the inlet and outlet tanks. Coolant pumps through tubes to the engine, where it is warmed. Once the coolant reaches the engine, it goes to the radiator, which is constructed to cool the flowing liquid using the air passing the radiator. The cooled liquid cycles back through the engine, where it absorbs more heat. This cycle allows the engine to keep working at ideal temperatures.

If your vehicle overheats, you may need to have your radiator serviced or replaced. An elevated temperature gauge is another sign that your radiator might be malfunctioning. Puddles of green, yellow or orange coolant under your car could indicate that there is a radiator leak, which could be caused by corrosion.


Our auto technicians can fix leaks or replace your vehicle’s radiator

If you notice any of these signs that your radiator needs to be services or replaced, bring your vehicle to Riverside Complete Automotive and Repair.

Cooling System Service

Our auto repair shop is the best in Riverside, CA. We specialize in cooling system repairs for all vehicles, such as car, trucks, fleets & vans.

If your car runs hot, you may need to have your cooling system serviced. The most important and effective way to ensure your cooling system stays in top shape is to make sure the system is clean. Here at Riverside Complete Automotive and Repair, we can clean your cooling system to help it run cool.

Trusted Radiator Service in Riverside, CA

Over Time,

your vehicle’s radiator can build solid deposits which can result in clogged pipes and lines within the cooling system. A quick radiator flush at Riverside Complete Automotive and Repair can solve this problem and keep your cooling system in shape.

Another component within your cooling system is antifreeze.

It is important to remember to change your antifreeze seasonally. The experts at Riverside Complete Automotive and Repair can help you change your antifreeze to ensure your vehicle’s system does not freeze up with cold weather strikes.

If a problem with your cooling system

extends beyond a simple flush or replacement, our team can diagnose the problem. We can perform a pressure test to determine if your radiator’s pressure is correct. If the pressure test determines that it is not correct, we will check your cooling system’s caps, hoses and connections to determine if any of these components need to be replaced or repaired. If we determine that they do need to be replaced or repaired, we can give you a fair, honest quote on parts and labor.

From simple pressure tests to
full radiator replacements,

you can trust the team at Riverside Complete Automotive and Repair for excellent cooling system service.
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